Free IP geolocation databases

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Sometimes when personalizing or translating interfaces, IP geolocation is required.

Maxmind Geolite Free

Besides their subscription based products Maxmind also provides a free IP Geolocation database set. The set is offered under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The free databases maps IPv4 + IPv6 addresses and is being updated once a month. GeoLite Free Downloadable Databases

IP2Location Lite

Another free set of data is provided by IP2location Lite. It is free for personal or commercial use with attribution required

JSON Date (.NET) to PHP timestamp

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The JSON spec allows integers, fractional numbers, strings, arrays, but when it comes to dates things are handled differently. There really is no date format in the JSON spec. Would be nice if every JSON date output would conform to ISO8601 :)

Some of these can easily be converted to a PHP timestamp using strtotime(), others require some more magic.

Here is a way to transform the .NET variant, something that has been haunting me in a current project ;)

Due to the wide usage of JSON as an exchange format, I really hope we will see a spec update in the future :)

WordPress Admin + Plugin Development + Less + Bootstrap = Awesome

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Bootstrap can not be added directly to the admin of a plugin, but you can wrap your plugin in a container and compile the Bootstrap CSS to use it as a wrapper.

I do my compiling using SimpLess

In the past you could do this using SimpLess directly (my-own-bootstrap.less).

This fails with the latest version of Bootstrap. But you can just paste the Bootstrap CSS into the LESS file and compile it that way.

Run it through SimpLess and after that the new CSS can be enqueued in WordPress ! This also works nicely with themes from Bootswatch.


Fixed: Facebook cover image compression problem

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Since Facebook introduced the new profile layout people have been complaining about the bad jpeg compression of the cover image.

If you make sure that the following is met, you should be fine:

  1. Keep sizes at exactly 851 x 315
  2. JPEG (some use PNG-24 to keep the artefact / noise level low, has not made a big difference for me)
  3. Use sRGB as your colorspace

Some people seem to get better results, if they keep their images under 100KB. I  have used images up to 400KB without any problems.

Keep those nice cover images coming!