Today-Scripts – A widget for running scripts in the Today View in OS X Yosemite’s Notification Center

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“A widget for running scripts in the Today View in OS X Yosemite’s Notification Center”

Latest Version – Github

Here a nice list of sample uses
Reddit 1
Reddit 2

Example of colorized memory display


Simple function to randomly reorder a list

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Precise Screenshot – Alternative to SnapzProX for MacOSX Yosemite

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As a developer I always look for ways to take fast and precise screenshots for my clients. The most important part for me, is the need to have a fixed frame that I can reuse while going over a web app or webpage.

In the past I used SnapzProX from Ambrosia Software Inc, which stopped working after upgrading to Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite.

I finally found a solid replacement for  Yosemite, that does exactly what I need.

  1. Timed screenshots
  2. Fixed sized screenshots
  3. Screenshots by selection
  4. png, jpg, tiff

Precise Screenshot

Holland America Line Reisprofiel Test goes online

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“Holland America Line Reisprofile Test” provides an interface for customers to find out which cruise type they are.
By sliding the images you are choosing your preferences and define your cruise type, which allows you to get an individual set of cruises sent to you.

howler.js – adding audio to your web project

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Adding audio to a web project can be really a pain in the …. . Howler.js makes it almost painless to add audio for desktop or mobile solutions.

Just used the audio sprite feature in one of my projects to allow switching between sounds. Works perfectly on iOS after the first touch event.

howler.js / Github

Check out version 2.0 on Github, which provides even more solid features.
Version 2.0

film2learn – Lernen leicht gemacht

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film2learn is a new Learning Management System (LMS) / platform for B2B partners, that I just released together with Dr Dish TV this week.

A highly customized system, that gives each partner their own little LMS universe to share knowledge with distribution partners or staff.

An easy way to introduce new products and teach how to promote them.