console.log fallback

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Fallback for console.log for those browsers that do not offer it or  use this cross browser integration. Sadly we are still stuck with IE8 for some projects ;)


Building up a Google Adwords campaign (1) – Research

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This is a series of articles summing up some of the key points when planning a Google Adwords campaign.

When doing an Adwords campaign research always comes first!

Keyword Research

Which keywords are most relevant to your campaign and are used by people to find your product/service/company?These are also relevant for the keywords that you will be using on the target website itself.

Can also be adjusted in the long run by checking the log and see what search keywords visitors used to reach the website.

Adwords also provides a quality score for keywords, so that you don’t waste your time on underperforming keywords.

Consistency between the landing page content and Adwords keywords is important. Quality search results are awarded with a higher quality score by Google.

Competitive Research

Which keywords are used by other companies / products in the same field ( ?

Audience Research

Who are you targeting, what do people say about your brand / product / company already ?

Once you have defined these key corners of your campaign, you can move forward and actually setup your campaign in Google Adwords.

More on this, in the next small article.

Scope & global variables using the window object

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There are many instances were you might like to define global variables, that can be used anywhere.

This does not work:

This works:

In case of the first $.geScript function(){…} the my_variable is only availble within the scope of the function. In the second the variable is assigned to the window object and can be used within.

cubicFUSION goes live :)

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cubicFUSION is a collection of past & present internal projects. Some of these are in early stages, are archived ideas or have not been completed yet.

I am currently doing a big cleanup of my toolset and will share some of the stuff that I have build over the years.

Some of these might be useful, inspiration or just an archive of broken ideas ;)


Git Auto Deployment with PHP

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Doing Git / Bitbucket Deployment for most of my project these days. This is another compact solution, that should allow almost anyone to start using Git to distribute updates automatically.

Always nice to be able to go a step back fast ;)

Git Auto Deployment

His website is offline, but you can still reach it through the Web Archive:

PHP BroadwayAPI – playlists and EPG for OpenELEC / XBMC / Kodi

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BroadwayAPI is a PHP class to extract / export channel playlists and EPG from the PCTV Broadway. These can be reused with OpenELEC, XBMC, Kodi  and the IPTV Simple PVR Client Addon.

I am using the setup on a local server to handle playlists and epg updates for multiple XBMC setups.

This is a project in progress. More details soon…